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Vantaan Energia is one of the largest energy companies in Finland. It produces and sells electricity and district heating to private economies and SMBs and offers natural gas to the manufacturing industry. We renewed the websites of both Vantaan Energia and Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot and continue to develop their digital business in close collaboration with the client. in a nutshell

  1. Why?

    The new service supports Vantaan Energia’s goal to become a nationally recognized energy company known for stellar customer service.

  2. What?

    We designed website concepts for Vantaan Energia and Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot to support further development. The services were built using Pattern Lab, a modular online styleguide.

  3. Results

    As a result, we created two customer-centric services that make comparing products and getting customer service easy. On top of that, the WordPress based services are easy to update and maintain. Renewal of the purchase process of electricity has resulted in 55 percent increase in conversions.

An energy company known for stellar customer service

The primary aim of the website renewal was to support Vantaan Energia’s goal to become a nationally recognized energy provider known for stellar customer service.

During the renewal, we designed and built separate websites for Vantaan Energia and Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot, which offer easily accessible and relevant information for stakeholders of all kinds. Furthermore, we wanted to bring forth the company’s product portfolio and build a solid foundation for the further development of the company’s online sales.

Vantaan Energia Sähköverkot, the subsidiary responsible for electricity network services in Vantaa, was looking to differentiate its messaging from the parent company, while still retaining a connection to the main brand.

Vantaan Energia is also known for its waste-to-energy plant, which turns regular household waste into electricity. The environment and corporate social responsibility, as well as the company’s groundbreaking work in the energy sector, became some of the central themes of the renewed concept.

However, our work didn’t stop after the service was launched. The goal of our further development efforts is to provide the easiest and best customer experience in the industry. In addition, we strive to bring out the benefits of district heating and make ordering it as easy as possible. We work in close collaboration with the client as well as our analytics partner OIKIO to improve the conversions, customer experience and content of the site based on analytics and customer insight.

Three iPhones showing Vantaan Energia site

A forward-looking service concept

In the capable hands of our team of designers and developers both services turned into responsive, customer-centric transaction channels.

During the concept design phase we familiarized ourselves with the findings of user research and customer profiles, organized and facilitated workshops with different stakeholder groups, conducted benchmark analysis and interviews with customer service stakeholders. These inputs along with the findings of a holistic content audit were further analyzed to support the design phase.

As a result, we created a service concept which guided the design and implementation phases.

The two visually uniform services were created with the help of Pattern Lab, a modular online styleguide. The services were built on WordPress as separate entities, which makes it possible to further develop them individually.

A laptop showing Vantaan Energia site

Customer experience as the core of further development

The new is a customer-centric, sales-supporting channel that brings product comparison and customer service to the fingertips of its users. The new site is easy to update and maintain, and both new and existing clients enjoy a pleasant user experience.

After the launch we have continued to optimize the conversion process and renew the purchase process of electricity to match the customer experience on the rest of the site. The website makes it easy for customers to compare Vantaan Energia products and choose the one that fits their needs best. As a result we have witnessed a 55 percent increase in conversions.


Teija Korpela, Communications Specialist, Vantaan Energia

We were looking for a partner who could challenge us in the right way and make sure that we always keep the end-user in mind. In our opinion, we have managed to do just that, especially when it comes to the renewed purchase process of electricity and the frontpage of the section. We are really happy with our collaboration with Frantic: they have a professional, yet relaxed take on things.


  • Strategy & business design
  • Service design
  • User interface design
  • Content design and production
  • Visual design
  • Technical implementation
  • Account and project management


  • Pattern Lab
  • WordPress
  • Integration to Vantaan Energia notice-of-defect system

A tablet showing Vantaan Energia site