Bread with a pinch of love

Vaasan Oy is the second oldest bakery company in Finland with operations also in the Baltics. Together with Vaasan we did a comprehensive renewal of their web services to ensure that their new brand would be as impeccable online as everywhere else. in a nutshell

  1. Why?

    Vaasan was lacking a coherent and systematic digital brand and tone of voice.

  2. What?

    An attractive digital brand with its own identity and a new and inspiring web service that works as a home base for marketing and communications.

  3. Results

    A big leap towards a digital presence that brings a competitive edge and acts as a solid base for future growth.

Digitalizing the brand of a beloved bakery company

When our journey together began, Vaasan was already involved in many digital channels, but was lacking a distinct voice and presence. Our goal was to make Vaasan’s online interactions and storytelling into a competitive advantage.

We hopped on board towards the final leg of Vaasan’s brand renewal journey. The foremost objective of the comprehensive web service renewal was to smoothly digitize the new brand and simultaneously find a way to share the company’s passion for bread through all channels. In addition, we wanted to serve Vaasan’s customers better by offering product information in a neat and simple package.

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Inspiring, customer-oriented service

We renewed the service to answer to the company’s business needs and to make it both inspiring and attractive to customers. To make it happen, we started off from a content and customer-need angle. Together with the client we focused especially on the planning phase – researching, defining the concept and testing it. Additionally, we created a coherent content strategy for Vaasan to ensure that the general goals of the renewed brand and web service could be reached.

Our approach was largely determined by the tight schedule as well as the need for being customer-oriented. When researching customer behavior, we realized that in addition to product categories, a new thematic level was needed so that customers could explore Vaasan’s products from different and more familiar and fun angles.

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Our content strategy defined a new digital tone of voice more fitting to Vaasan’s new playful style. We also coached Vaasan’s employees to feel more in tune with the new tone of voice so that they would be able to execute it on a daily basis.

We built the new service on WordPress and tailored it to suit the company’s own content needs and to support the new way of browsing products. We also integrated Vaasan’s own product information system to the website so that manual updates would be needed as little as possible.

A basis for future growth

Food and eating are a big business, and we helped make bread fun again. We showed that recipes can be a little wacky and unusual to keep inspiring people in their everyday lives.

Well, what did we get out of all of this? At least a big leap towards content-centered work and a solid ground for future growth. Vaasan’s brand is now more findable and active while making customer’s lives easier.


Annika Boström-Kumlin, Marketing Director, Vaasan

What really sets Frantic apart from competitors in our eyes is the agile, iterative and, in a good sense, relaxed way of working. Because of this the project advanced quickly and without any bigger tangents which can typically be encountered in a brief-debrief model. In addition we had a lot of fun together throughout the journey.

Katja Willberg, Digital Content Manager, Vaasan

I’m particularly pleased with Frantic’s way of doing things, right from the start the website has been built with the end-user in mind. At times it was challenging to forget the business angle and focus on thinking about the customer’s needs, but I’ve gotten a lot of assistance from Frantic in this.


  • Branding
  • Service design
  • Content strategy and design
  • User experience design
  • Visual design
  • Technical design
  • Development


  • WordPress
  • Integration with a product information system

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