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Sitra is an active fund for the future that studies, researches and brings together partners from different sectors in open-minded trials and reforms. The future-oriented work is aimed at making Finland succeed as a pioneer of sustainable well-being. The component-based seizes current phenomena and acts as a trendsetter for both expert audiences as well as common citizens. in a nutshell

  1. Why?

    Digital communications is an integral part of Sitra’s efficiency work, and in honor of their 50th anniversary, Sitra wanted to bring future communication closer to all citizens.

  2. What? is beautiful, user-friendly and inspiring future media that seizes current phenomena and acts as a trendsetter. Thanks to its component-based structure, it is flexible and versatile, now and in the future.

  3. Results

    We are pleased to see that the has aroused a great deal of interest. ProCom has awarded the site with the Interest Group Media of the Year award, and over 140,000 Finns have taken the lifestyle test within the first few weeks.

Making the future visible

Sitra is known as a reformer in the Finnish society and a forerunner of specialist communication. The renewal of their digital service was a strategic choice, as digital communication is an integral part of Sitra’s everyday work. Digital communication makes it possible to reach interest groups, quickly bring new content available for users, carry out dialogue and directly involve experts. The goal of the renewal was to create a whole new kind of user experience for web content and to be the most significant site in Finland for data and research pertaining to the future.

Työt desktop-näkymä

The revolution of making things happen

Based on the future media concept by Exove Design, we designed and implemented a new communication platform for Sitra. The backbone of the site are versatile components that work as building blocks, giving content providers the freedom to build diverse pages based on Sitra’s differing needs. On the front-end side, the site uses Vue.js application framework for creating the most complicated user interface components, as Vue.js offers a flexible way of creating them within a WordPress site.

During the joint project, the traditional client–provider relationship was put to the test. From the beginning, a Scrum team of two of our designers and three of our developers worked at Sitra’s premises in a very tight-knit community with the client’s project team. After the service was launched, the collaboration has been continued with further development. We have also implemented new entities on top of the service, including a lifestyle test made with Angular.


Työt mobiilinäkymiä

Goal-oriented work pays off

The outcome of the continuous collaboration and shared goals was the beautiful, user-friendly and – above all – future-proof The service gives a harmonious and clear picture of Sitra’s work, and offers different kinds of content paths for users and encourages them to share and discuss the contents. 

The web service has exceeded all its objectives and won for example ProCom’s The Interest Group Media of the Year award. In addition, the lifestyle test encouraged over 140,000 Finns to test their own carbon footprint and find out tips on how to reduce it.


Laura Halenius, The digital communications lead and editor-in-chief of the online services, Sitra

In modern-era expert communications, seriousness and obscure jargon no longer equal credibility. With the entire world focusing more on communications, the toughest expert is all of a sudden the one that has the guts to speak in an intelligible manner and bring forth their own personality from behind their expertise. The new takes the opportunity provided by this change. We invite our readers to get to know the phenomena of the future, as well as the people and the solutions behind them. We work harder than ever to express things in a simple manner, making sure not to hide behind unnecessary formality.

Martti Hyvönen, Developer, Frantic

The client’s role in the agile model is critical. For it to work, also the client must be able to prioritize, and with Sitra, this worked extremely well. The team was given both responsibility and freedom, which helped the whole team stay open and honest with each other, including the client.


  • Concept design
  • User interface design
  • Visual design
  • Technical design
  • Technical implementation
  • Project management


  • WordPress
  • Vue.js & JQuery
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Angular
  • Node.js
  • Integrations: Azure AD, Sympa HR
  • Drupal import

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