R-lahja: An innovative webshop

R-kioski is a convenience store chain known to every Finn. At R-kioski it is firmly believed that one of the most important tasks a company has is to create great customer experiences. With this vision in mind, we set out to develop a webshop for them.

More than a kiosk

R-kioski is a national, shopkeeper-led chain of convenience stores that is a part of Reitan Convenience in Reitan Group. R-kioski is actively developing its operations and services to better respond to ever-evolving consumer needs. Recent examples include a car rental service from OP, the R key service where you can leave your key safely at an R-kioski, as well as the super-popular Ärräpaketti parcel service.

As a continuum to their vast selection of services, R-kioski wanted to have a fresh webshop through which consumers could cheer up their loved ones with small gifts.

Frontpage of R-lahja
Order summary page at R-lahja

R-lahja: A digital gift code service

The aim of the R-lahja webshop was to create a new and easy way to purchase and send gifts. The extensive network of shops and the Ärräkoodi gift card service previously used by B2B customers created excellent functional conditions that were used to build the webshop.

With R-lahja you can give gifts to a loved one from the R-kioski selection. The gifts are delivered so that the buyer receives an Ärräkoodi code to their phone and gives it to the receiver, who in turn may redeem the gift from the R-kioski of their choice.

Due to the innovative nature of the webshop it was clear from the get-go that turnkey eCommerce platforms would not be a suitable option to create the best possible result. As we didn’t want to compromise the user interface, and because all phases of the transaction process were particular to this specific implementation, we decided to build the webshop by developing a WordPress plugin that answered all of the needs. 

The benefits of this decision were clear – only the features that were actually necessary were created. This, in turn, meant that the service as a whole remained relatively small and agile.

The data security of the service was verified by a transparency test conducted by a third party. 

Comment from the client

Our cooperation with Frantic has been customer-oriented and flexible from the beginning. We have been able to build multiple functional concepts that have given us new ways to reach our customers.

–Harri Saalasti, Category Manager, R-kioski


  • UI design
  • Visual design
  • Technical design
  • Integration design
  • Technical implementation


  • WordPress
  • WordPress plugin
  • Webshop
  • Checkout Finland payment integration
  • SMS integration
  • Firebase

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