Simplicity and humanity in mind

Pöyry is an international consulting and engineering company that is known for its expertise in energy, industry and infrastructure. We worked together to renew Pöyry’s global web strategy and redesign the web services simultaneously to polish Pöyry’s brand and raise brand awareness.

Pöyry.com in a nutshell

  1. Why?

    Pöyry’s website was complicated and the aim was to make hard-core expertise more personal and approachable.

  2. What?

    Defining and designing the concept, user experience, visuals and key messages.

  3. Results

    Pöyry’s web services are now clearer, and the actual work and employees are present. The entire thing is documented in Pattern Lab for future developing.

Hard-core expertise in an approachable package

Simply put, Pöyry has so much expertise in so many different fields that putting it in words has at times been a challenge even to Pöyry employees. Thus the main goal of the entire project was to bring forward the most important content in such an elegant and simple manner that the core of Pöyry becomes evident to both clients and employees.

At the start Pöyry was struggling with the same problems as so many other international conglomerates. The company’s website was just like those of its competitors: complicated, messy and just plain boring. So how to set Pöyry apart from competitors, attract expertise, explain current work and talk about sustainable solutions and everything good that Pöyry has done in different environments over various projects?

Essential information was buried under a complex page structure. The wish was to highlight the most important content in a simple manner and to create a modern look that both employees and clients alike could easily grasp and articulate what Pöyry is all about through the concept of "vision, expertise, and impact". 

The only way to achieve this was by highlighting the human side of Pöyry’s services and stirring up emotions. Together with the client we arranged and simplified the content with a heavy hand in order to keep the most important services and their human interest at the forefront and to strengthen the brand. Earlier projects and success stories also became central.

A laptop screen showcasing poyry.com

Globally designed, locally adapted

The global and local versions of Pöyry’s website had existed simultaneously and their online strategy needed some clarification and consistency. Because our task was to renew poyry.com as well as all localized services in phases, we started out by defining clear goals for the project together with the client.

The driving forces of the renewal were design and content. In our workshops we zeroed in on the goals of the renewal, who the main target groups of the renewal were and how to benefit from the new services both internally and externally. By digging deep into the true needs behind conflicting wishes we were able to focus on the following goals: standing out among competitors, highlighting Pöyry’s values and value-driven projects as well as winning over potential new customers, partners and talents.

Frantic was responsible for crystallizing the concept, content and information architecture, user experience design as well as visual design of the new services. As a part of the renewal we also defined the key messages for the website to showcase what Pöyry believes in, how they’ve achieved it and how their work impacts local and global communities. Above all we wanted to come up with a visually and structurally pleasing user experience that helps Pöyry showcase their expertise, vision, impact and multi-disciplinarity.

Three mobile screens showcasing poyry.com

Pöyry was one of the first clients on board when Frantic started using Pattern Lab, a digital style library that works as a bridge between designing layouts and the technical implementation on the publishing platform. The actual implementation came from a third party, but by using Pattern Lab both brand management and documentation were easy to handle.

The central principle of Pattern Lab is to design from the bottom up, from the details towards the bigger picture. Pattern Lab is best used for managing particularly large entities and is a flexible tool with future developments in mind.

After the global Pöyry.com we have used the same methods to renew Pöyry’s most important localized services and are currently renewing the mini-sites for smaller countries. Because of the design work based on atoms, elements and layouts, the pages and layouts are easy to scale according to local needs and resources and Pattern Lab allows simple demonstration of the different variables like a puzzle.

A platform for future growth

Although the implementation is still going on in smaller local sites, the most important ones have been up and running for a while now. The visuals and user experience for the global and localized services is now unified and the internal hierarchy of the sites is considerably improved. Success stories and offerings are presented in a compelling manner and approachability has helped bring forth employee’s stories in a new way. 


Tarja Virrantuomi, Global Digital Communications Manager, Pöyry

Our journey together started when we decided to clarify our website strategy to help shape and drive the future development of the sites. Frantic has acted as a reliable partner from day one, delivering outstanding design elements and ideas on how to develop the website concept further to fit our needs. The Frantic team has been really professional and fun to work with. They have been able to capture our needs from day one, challenging our own ideas in a good way and being proactive with ideas on how our websites should be developed further. It’s really been a pleasure to work with Frantic and we are happy to have them as our design partner for the on-going web development of Pöyry websites.


  • Concept design
  • User experience design
  • Visual design
  • Front-end implementation on Pattern Lab


  • Pattern Lab
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Juicer Social Media Feed


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