Tech Lead: Quality and efficiency to service development

Our technical expert led the multi-vendor development team from the first lines of code all the way to the launch of the service.

Nettix Oy’s service facilitates car sales between consumers and makes it smoother and more reliable. Our technical expert played a key role in the creation of the service, under whose leadership the service took its current form. 

Our expert led the technical service development team from June 2018 to January 2019 - from the formation of the team to the first launch of the service - and made sure that the development work progressed in line with the mutually agreed objectives. The project resulted in an MVP that was built sensibly and with high quality in mind. This offered our client Nettix – a subsidiary of Otava – a great baseline for the continuous development of the service.

Frontpage of electronic bill of sale
Frontpage of the sign-in view
View of creating the bill of sale

Architecture and guidance

Good architecture guides the technical design and evolution of the system throughout the whole lifecycle of the software. Our expert was responsible for creating and developing the technical architecture of the service, as well as directing the development work of the team, so that everything was on par with the chosen architecture and modern software development principles.

It was important to keep the team on the right course and the goals to be consistent so that the development work could progress agilely and with high quality. In addition to our expert, the development team consisted of four developers, some of whom sat at the client’s premises and some abroad: three developers from Fiare, and one developer from Extreme Consulting. Nettix’s main partner Fiare was responsible for choosing the composition of the development team.

To ensure the quality of the code and to avoid regression, our expert created back-end structures that made it easy and fast to create and run automated tests. This way, automatic testing became a natural part of the development work, creating a solid foundation for the maintenance of the service and especially for further development work.

Comment from the client

Things started on the right track with Hannu from the outset: the project progressed according to the agreed schedule, in the agreed manner, with the agreed investments, and the desired result was achieved.

–Tommi Heikkonen, CEO, Fiare

About OmaNettix as a service 

OmaNettix is part of Nettix’s extensive selection of marketplaces, which also includes, Finland's largest marketplace for used cars. OmaNettix is a natural extension for NettiAuto, because once a buyer is found, the transaction can be performed reliably and simply through the service.

The service will include everything necessary for selling and owning a car: the first and most important function was the creation of the bill of sale and payment intermediation. The smooth customer experience was made possible by the seamless communication between the interfaces of three key players: Traficom, Signicat, and Maksuturva. Due to the critical nature of the information moving within the service, the reliability of the service plays a vital role. Our technical expert’s expertise was key in guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the service.  

Comment from the expert

"To get the opportunity to develop services with added value for one of Finland's busiest web services was extremely motivating - especially because it was a service that I would very likely come to use myself as a customer sometime in the future. "

"The other development team members were previously unknown to me, so I started the work by getting to know the developers, their strengths, and interests. After that, it was easier for me not only to coordinate the progress but also to change the focus of my own daily work so that I had the opportunity to complement the strengths of the rest of the team."

–Hannu Räisänen, Tech Lead, Frantic


  • Software architecture
  • Software development
  • API design
  • Automated testing
  • Integration design
  • Information security


  • AWS
  • React
  • PHP
  • GraphQL

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