A strategic partnership built to last

Having online services that function seamlessly is business critical for most companies, especially airlines. But how do you manage that in an industry of ever-changing needs, with a sprawling entity of multiple localised websites? Our answer is a consistent, effective and strategically aligned companionship.

Finnair in a nutshell

  1. Why?

    The need to manage a vast entity of market-specific sites in an efficient, strategic and cost-effective way.

  2. What?

    A strategic partnership regarding Finnair’s online business.

  3. What next?

    So far we have 100+ successfully completed projects, 34 seamlessly functioning localized sites and are ready to keep going for the foreseeable future.

Companions for a decade already

Our journey with Finnair began in 2007, and this case exemplifies the ultimate value of a long-standing, strategic companionship. After a decade of working together, we’ve learned the nooks and crannies of each other’s organizations to the point where collaboration is as smooth as it can get. No more back-and-forth offers, unnecessary paperwork or pointless meetings. It’s like having an in-house team, only better.

By adapting our processes to fit Finnair’s, we continue to perfect our symbiosis. As the importance of Finnair’s digital services has grown over the years, so has our collaboration deepened. 50+ sites and several years of insights later, Frantic is at the core of developing and maintaining Finnair’s business services on the web. on a tablet screen

Cost-competitive services

As we’re able to evaluate the strategic value of every web project from the get-go, we ensure that only projects that are truly worthwhile get the green light. And with years of accumulated in-depth knowledge of Finnair’s business, we are able to cut down all unnecessary steps in implementing those projects, making the whole process a lot more enjoyable for all, and most importantly, more effective time and cost-wise.

Since we’re always at hand and on-site, we’re able to react to changing needs immediately with our vast array of digital services. As the project lead in most multi-vendor projects, we also ensure that Finnair’s web services are always strategically aligned, with minimal fuss. on three iPhone screens

Adaptable teams and a multitude of projects

Over the years our team has grown to consist of 30+ members working on-site and on-call to help with the online-side of Finnair’s operations. To keep everything going, we’ve got dedicated project managers, developers, analysts, designers and copywriters, all ranging from juniors to seniors, on board. Our responsibilities include a smorgasbord of online content and features for Finnair ranging from bookings and sales to the Finnair loyalty program, commercial content optimization, as well as website accessibility. On the technical side, we work with Finnair from front to back.

With our scalable team we are equipped to serve all client needs. We have a deep understanding of multiple client departments and the IT environment, and we make use of the latest technology stack adapted to the client environment.


Jaron Millner, VP for Digital Service and Platforms Strategy

Online services are our most important sales channel, and Frantic is a vital component is securing their smooth operation. The dedicated Frantic team constantly provides us expertise, agility and a low threshold of service. These make up the most important values Frantic provides us as a strategic partner.


  • Analytics & business insight
  • Visual design
  • Content design
  • Technical design
  • Development


  • HTML5 and related technologies
  • Amadeus products and services
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Angular 2, Node.js
  • Amazon Web Services AWS on a laptop screen


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