What we do

We’re a digital consultancy on a mission to help you succeed. We approach your business as if it were our own, which means long-term commitment and tailored solutions for even the most complex challenges.

We’re built on a bedrock of experience and expertise in insight-driven design, technology and agile leadership. Our flexible team setup enables you to hire a full team of professionals, or just a specific expert to complement your team.

Our services

Customer experience and business design

To be successful in this day and age, we all need to study our customers’ behavior, innovate new business models and reimagine our processes and ways of working. What we bring to the table is a set of experts with experience in diverse fields and industries, and the skills and tools to solve complex business and customer problems. We reshape customer experiences and develop impactful digital solutions, always keeping a creative, human-centered and societally aware mindset.

  • Digital business services
  • Streamlining customer processes
  • Internal solutions’ customer experience

eCommerce and applications for growth

The digital context creates constantly changing business needs: sometimes your sales need a boost from a new eCommerce solution, while other times a highly focused application will help you reach your audience and targets. We help you design, build and continuously develop the right digital solutions for your sales and marketing needs, from apps and efficiency tools to eCommerce services and product portfolios directly linked to your business infrastructure.

  • Sales applications
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Digital product portfolios

Content solutions for digital communications

Getting your message across in a clear, targeted and memorable way is vital, in both B2C and B2B communication environments. Whether you’re looking to create a new platform for your content, an online community around your product or brand, or rethink your organization’s website or internal communication channels, we help you build and develop digital services that showcase your content and cater to your communication goals.

  • Online services and websites
  • Intranets
  • Online communities and social content platforms

Our partners

Our expertise


For us, everything starts with understanding the wants, needs and context of the people we’re designing for – the end users. Then, combining our expertise with the latest design tools and methods, we work together with you to conceptualize and design products and services that support and enhance your business.

In addition to their core design competences, our designers are well-versed in agile methods and strategic design. We help you strengthen design thinking and practices across your organization and bring you the full benefit of our design community through close teamwork with your own design teams and business stakeholders. We can also support you in putting together the right mix of experts for your projects and leading a multi-vendor design team.

  • Service design
  • Business design
  • User experience and user interface design
  • Visual design
  • Content strategy and design
  • User research and prototyping
  • Accessibility and user experience auditing


The purpose of technology is to enable the vision you have for your business. Simple as that. Our role is to help you select and build the right technical solutions, using the latest tools, platforms and best practices.

Though our well-rounded experts can easily adapt to any stack and technical environment, our particular focus and expertise is in JavaScript and related technologies and cloud-native solutions. These modern tools allow for quick iterations and cost-efficient, nearly limitless scalability. We also take care of necessary integrations between systems and the maintenance of your chosen solutions’ entire life cycle. Our developers and architects work closely with you to ensure that all solutions and the required knowledge and skills are transferred in a sustainable way, and can take the lead in development projects and agile teams of any size.

  • Technical design
  • Web apps and PWA (Angular, React, HTML5, Vue.js)
  • Mobile apps (Flutter)
  • JavaScript application development (Angular, Node.js, Vue.js)
  • UX development (HTML, React)
  • Enterprise cloud solutions (AWS, Akamai, Google Cloud Platform)
  • Content management solutions (WordPress, CoreMedia, Contentful)
  • eCommerce and payment integrations (WooCommerce, Shopify, Stripe, Paytrail)
  • Microservice architecture, Serverless, BaaS (Cloud functions, Firebase, Heroku, Node.js)

Agile leadership

Skilled leadership is crucial for the success of any venture. Our project and change management experts come from many different backgrounds in business, design and technology, and know what it takes to create and develop strategic digital services and lead transformation in organizations.

We help you build the right team and lead and facilitate teamwork across various multi-vendor projects. Our certified agile practitioners are ready to support and mentor your organization in agile principles and methods. The ultimate goals are to enable collaboration and communication between your teams and stakeholders and help you reach your business targets and highest quality standards.

  • Agile project management
  • Product ownership
  • Agile coaching
  • Scrum Master
  • Tech Lead
  • Design Lead

Data and analytics

Data and analytics are important tools for all our design, technology and agile leadership experts. By studying and analyzing data we can pinpoint future development needs, uncover new business potential, and plan the strategic development of services over the long term. With data we’re also able to take changing user needs and goals into account in all phases of a project.

We use data to understand how services perform and to quickly test and iterate changes. We help you select and adopt the right tools and dashboards for your service, set relevant metrics for your business goals, and report and interpret the data you collect. Combining available data with behavioral science approaches, we want to solve even the most complex business problems and create more usable and humane digital solutions.

  • Web analytics planning, setup and reporting
  • Analytics dashboards (Google Data Studio)
  • Conversion optimization
  • Analytics auditing
  • Analytics training

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