Frantic remote office

The Frantic remote office concept was first coined in 2015, and since its inception, it has been all about changing the norms of work. That’s why our people are encouraged to work remotely from wherever they want. Hop on board!

What remote office is about

Experimenting the future

Old ways of working are becoming obsolete as new norms are introduced. We want to be part of the change by innovating, experimenting, and enabling new ways of working. For us, this is a learning experience, which means that we'll approach the theme from various perspectives.

Our culture

We are not rookies at working remotely. It’s an essential part of our company culture and people are working from the comfort of their homes, cafés, and cottages (or hofficing, cofficing, and möfficing, as we like to say) on a daily basis. The initial idea of having a remote office abroad came from our people in 2015.

Flexibility and freedom

One size does not fit all, which is why we're constantly on the lookout for ways to make remote officing better for everyone. The remote office concept has been honed through the years to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our people.

Remote office life

friday vibes

knocking out tasks lists, sipping on coffee, and finishing up projects. How’s your fat going?

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After a year of #hofficing (aka. home officing) and no office dogs around to pet, we've really missed our furry friends! Which is why we decided to organize an online pet meet and greet, where we got to say hi and catch up in a very mood-boosting (and allergy-friendly!) way. Safe to say that this will be a recurring thing from now on! 🐾

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This week indeed offered some additional challenge for those of us who have kids. To offer some help with the “school work done, nothing to do” situation, our service designer Liisa put together an impromptu storytime for frantiminis (aka. the kids of our employees) via Google Meet. Stay tuned for future open-for-all storytime sessions!

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This is my last post from Bali: After this, I will close my laptop and start my holidays! Next time you will hear from me on January 7th from Perth, Australia. Happy holidays y’all! ☀️🤶🌴 #franticremoteoffice #overandout

Due to the 6h time difference, I had time to hike to Kelingking beach yesterday before work. It was cool and the views were breathtaking! 🌊 #franticremoteoffice #kelingkingbeach

Greetings from Nusa Penida Island! 🌊👋 I'm Aino, the HR & Office assistant at Frantic, and I'll be taking over Frantic's remote office account for a couple of days. At the moment it's so hot that two hobbits just threw a ring into the pool. Jokes aside, be prepared for some sunny pics and videos in stories & the @franticremoteoffice feed! ☀️#franticremoteoffice #nusapenidaisland #bali

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