Privacy policy

We know what you did last summer.

Just kidding, we really don’t. We do collect some information about you as you go through our website, but not in a creepy way. Our aim is to keep our website and other marketing channels fresh – not to stalk our visitors.

We do:

  • Ask you for contact details if you opt-in to our newsletter

  • Collect anonymous data about clicks, visits, and time spent on pages

  • Look at aggregates of user data

  • Use cookies

We don’t:

  • Spam you

  • Share your contact details with anyone

  • Identify individual users based on analytics

We use cookies for Google Analytics. See the full list of cookies we use here.

On our website, you can find links to different sites, such as our social media profiles, our clients’ sites, and other cool blogs and sites around the web. Please note that while we link to these sites, we can never control how they collect information.

If you have any questions concerning the privacy or security of our website, please send them to

Frantic newsletter

We use MailChimp as our marketing automation platform. In practice, this means that we send our monthly company newsletter using MailChimp. The information you provide during your subscription process will be transferred to MailChimp for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms.

There are three main ways to join our newsletter list:

  1. Opting in via the form on our website

  2. Opting in via a form hosted by MailChimp

  3. Opting in in conjunction with an event registration process.

When you join our newsletter list, we always ask you to provide a valid email address. If you wish, you can also add your name information later by updating your subscriber information. For the sake of operating the newsletter, your information will be stored in Mailchimp - but otherwise, your information will not be given to third parties.

We also offer a chance to opt into our newsletter list in conjunction with our live events. In the event registration phase, we often offer a chance to opt into our newsletter list. In this case, you express your willingness to be added to the list with a checkmark. After the event, your email will be added to the list manually, but if you ever change your mind, you can remove yourself from the list through the footer of the newsletter or by contacting us at We also offer a chance to opt in during some live events, and in this case, the registration occurs on a MailChimp hosted form.

As it is a newsletter list we are talking about, your email address will be used to send you emails. We do not spam our newsletter followers - our send frequency is currently once a month, and should we ever send emails more often than that, we will always use common sense with the frequency.

We strive to only produce content that our subscribers appreciate and find valuable. Regardless, you may wish to unsubscribe at any moment. To best enable this, we offer a very low threshold of opting out from our newsletter list:

  1. By clicking a link in the footer of any of our newsletters. Simply click “Unsubscribe from this list”, and your information will be removed from the list and you will no longer receive emails from us. If your email inbox clips off the footer and you cannot see it, simply click “View this email in your browser” at the beginning of the email, and scroll down to see the footer.

  2. By sending us an email at and asking us to end your subscription.

Client register

Frantic Oy maintains and stores a client information register for purposes of business operations and client account management. Information consists of clients’ contact person information (name, contact information), and billing information (billing address). Information is updated frequently and information that is no longer valid is removed. Information for maintaining client relationship are stored in Visma Severa. Information is not released outside the company. New business leads and contacts are stored in Pipedrive.

Marketing register

1. Register holder

Frantic Oy

2. Contact information, +358 10 778 9000, Siltasaarenkatu 10, 00530, Helsinki.

3. Point of contact

Lauri Kallioniemi

4. Name of the register  

Marketing register

5. Purpose of the register and processing personal data

Marketing activities

6. Contents of the register

Email, name.

7. Regular sources of the data

The source of the data is the person who subscribes to our newsletter. There are two ways for us to gather the data:

  1. The person fills out a subscription form on our page or a form hosted by MailChimp. When the form is sent, the person receives a confirmation email to their inbox, through which they need to confirm their subscription.

  2. The person gives their consent to be added to the newsletter list in conjunction with an event registration process. In this case, the person has checked a box that says “I would like to be added to the Frantic newsletter list”. Once the registration is completed, the person is manually added to our newsletter list. The sending frequency of the newsletter and the ease of unsubscribing is always clearly mentioned in this case.

8. Regular releases and transfers of the data, and principles of data protection and security

The register is stored in MailChimp marketing automation platform. The usage of the service is monitored, and access to it is only granted to those staff members who need to access the data due to their work.

Recruitment register

1. Register holder

Frantic Oy

2. Point of contact

Lauri Kallioniemi

3. Name of the register

Recruitment register

4. Purpose of the register and processing personal data

Purpose of the register and processing personal data is recruitment. Job applications and personal data are processed and stored for purposes of the recruitment process. Applicant data is stored in the register for two (2) years. Data is stored confidentially and it is accessed only by people participating in the recruitment process. The applicant can also give permission to store the data for a longer period of time.

5. Contents of the register

The register consists of the following information:

  • Applicant’s basic information (name, contact information)

  • Application letter and CV provided by the applicant

  • Other additional information and attachments (i.e. portfolio) provided by the applicant

6. Regular sources of the data

The applicant, by using an online application form on our website.

7. Regular releases and transfers of the data

Applicant information and personal data are processed internally within the company to an extent required for the recruitment. Data is not released outside the company. Data is stored on Jobylon recruitment system, which complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data is not stored or transferred outside the EU/EEA.

8. Removing or changing the data

Applicants have the right to view the data stored in the system and to ask for editing or removing the data. All requests should be directed to the point of contact in section 2 in writing.

9. Principles of data protection and security

Personal data is processed and stored confidentially. Data is accessible only for those participating in the recruitment process. Usage is managed and restricted with user ID and levels of access rights. Access to the register is granted only to selected company employees to the extent needed for work regarding the recruitment process.

If you have any questions or concerns about our data privacy practices, or if you have any requests for resolving issues with your personal information, please contact our point of contact specified in section 2.