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The illustration portrays the versatility that WooCommerce offers: you can sell physical products, digital products, or even customizable product packages.Blog

Customizable eCommerce on WooCommerce

LatestJoonas Meriläinen3.2.2022Reading time 6 min

WooCommerce platform offers a first-class user experience and versatile functionalities. It lends itself as a growth engine even for a large business. Extensive customization possibilities are WooCommerce's number one strength.

Accessibility is a process – and this is how you get started with it

Tea Dickman5.10.2021DesignReading time 8 min

Accessibility is a qualitative feature of digital products and services, and it should be taken into account throughout their whole life cycle.


Take note, designers: the future is theirs! – Insights from the Service Design School

Anniina Ojutkangas4.3.2021DesignReading time 6 min

When our service design school project came to an end in December 2020, we were feeling wistful but inspired. What was actually done and what was the outcome of this interesting design project? And ultimately: what did we learn?

1 Blogikuva SDschool Hero 1100x741 v2

Design sprint makes problem-solving fast and efficient

18.2.2021DesignReading time 5 min

The design sprint is an innovative five-phase method that helps to solve complex problems in just a few days. Too good to be true? We don’t think so. Here's an example of how we used it to help our client to define the specifics of their new intranet. 

design sprint hero

Sixth-graders designing digital services to support their own well-being

Anniina Ojutkangas30.11.2020WorkReading time 4 min

How could kids better influence their own well-being and feel more included in the ever-changing world we live in? That was the starting point when we kicked off our service design school project, where sixth-graders from Tampere became digital product designers.

service design school

Perspectives to leading agile teams

Liisa Benmergui, Piia Jalonen & Jenny Salmimäki30.11.2020DesignReading time 3 min

As the stormy weather roared outside in the November morning darkness, over 100 attendees clicked their way to join our online event on agile team leadership.

Women in Tech Breakfast Date image

Exploring inclusivity and design at Inklusiiv’s Breakfast Club

14.10.2020DesignReading time 3 min

Frantic had the pleasure of hosting Inklusiiv’s inaugural Breakfast Club event on Thursday, October 8th, 2020 on the theme of inclusivity in digital service design.

Inklusiiv Brekkie Club x Frantic sized up

Ask, don’t assume – getting started with user engagement

Piia Jalonen & Kaisa Ruotsalainen18.6.2020DesignReading time 7 min

When we’re heading into a new project or renewing an existing service, how do we make sure that we really listen to our customers, the end-users? Whose experiences, needs, and wishes should we be interested in, and how do we reach them?

asym hero

Accessibility Q&A

Alexis Oksi & Laura Aalto16.6.2020ContentReading time 11 min

What have you always wanted to know about web accessibility? We asked our network to ask us anything, and now our accessibility experts give their two cents.

accessibility hero 2500

Addressing business needs with an agile stack

Panu Ervamaa10.6.2020ContentReading time 5 min

A few weeks ago we held a joint Frantic Live webinar with our partner Contentful on agile tech stacks and their many benefits. Contentful is a platform for content management and distribution that adapts well into cloud-based and modular solutions.

frantic live contentful hero3000px

UX storytelling and measuring your success

Piia Jalonen & Lilli Pukka12.5.2020ContentReading time 6 min

Content is an integral part of digital services. Still, it’s often overlooked when we design the ins and outs of user interfaces. How does UX writing help in creating successful user experiences and how can we measure that success?