Winter is – not coming

31.10.2016FranticReading time 1 min

Not for some lucky frantimones, at least. After our successful experiment last year, we’re setting up a pop up office in Thailand again!

This time, instead of a month, we’ll be there for a little over four. Frantic is all about family values, and so we thought, heck. Husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, kids - take ‘em with you.

It’ll be business as usual, just from a villa in Thailand. This time, the villa will be inhabited by 21 frantimones and their families for up to a month at a time from November to March. We’ll be based in Phuket again. The house is bigger, the internet is more reliable and we’ve packed more sunscreen. Stay tuned on how it goes this time! Follow our Instagram for updates.

Read on how we came up with the idea last year, planned itmade through it and finally, how it all went down from a PM’s point of view.