What to expect when applying to Frantic

Anna-Katariina Parkkasaari4.3.2020FranticReading time 4 min

At Frantic, we have long made an effort to improve the recruitment process and candidate experience. At its core, recruitment for us is about valuing each candidate.

Efficient candidate communication is crucial for us regardless of the length of the recruitment process. We don’t want to keep you guessing the schedule and the different steps of the process. All of us have applied for a job at some point so we know how frustrating it is to receive nothing but silence from a potential employer. It can also raise questions about how well communication at the company works at all. To us, each candidate is unique and important regardless of whether the candidate’s skills and our needs end up matching.

We have a strong culture of collaboration at Frantic, and collaboration is also central in our recruitment. We believe that a successful candidate experience is established in the very first stages of the recruitment process. That’s why, in addition to HR, our recruitment always involves the manager and people from relevant competence communities. Through collaboration, we can make sure that the starting point and the goal of the recruitment process are clear and our job ads catch the right target groups’ attention.

How does the recruitment process at Frantic go?

We respect the time and resources of job candidates, which is why our recruitment processes don’t involve any extravagant circus tricks or hurdles you need to clear (like in the image above). Instead of a complicated recruitment process, we focus on people-centric and efficient recruitment and candidate communication. We search for new employees (aka. Frantimones) through traditional job ads, social platforms and by contacting potential candidates directly. Depending on the situation, the recruitment process can include all of the stages detailed below or just some of them.

Crafting a job application is the first big step in the job hunt, and it takes some time and effort. That’s why it’s clear as day for us that we read and respond to each and every application we receive. 

The people in charge of recruiting will go through the applications and choose the candidates to interview. Depending on the open position, there may be a pre-interview task the candidates need to complete and we will invite people to interviews based on the task. In addition to having the right skills and experience for the role, we expect successful candidates to be able to work using agile methods in our cross-competence teams, to reflect our company value of collaboration.

If you get invited for an interview, there’s no need to stress over it. We want to keep interviews casual and relaxed and think of them as conversations where we get to know each other and go through things that are relevant to the open position. There are usually 2–3 rounds of interviews and members of the team we’re hiring for will also attend the interviews. It’s important for us that you get to meet your potential future colleagues because the hiring decision goes both ways.  

Interviews don’t always lead to a contract. We still want to thank everyone who came in for an interview by giving them a small gift, since they have taken the time to meet us. We also ask candidates for feedback regarding our recruitment process, to help us develop our processes and fix anything that needs fixing. We feel that good candidate experience is just as important as a good employee experience, which is why we really want to make an effort. 

Apply for a job with us

It’s important to us that everyone can be themselves at work. We design and develop web services for big, diverse user groups, so a diverse team of makers is an advantage in our field. When recruiting, we try to find people with something unique to bring to our teams, and who we can learn from.

We’re always interested in talking to industry professionals and are recruiting around the year. If the world of digital services interests you and you want to join us in developing our clients’ digital business, take a look at our careers page. Letting us know what kind of position you’re looking for (if you're submitting an open application) and what your core skills are will help your application to stand out. We’d love to hear about your interests and what you would like to learn next. We’d also like to take a look at your portfolio and work samples so please attach them to your application. We promise to get back to you personally!

Want to know more about us or our open positions? Our HR Lead Salla will happily tell you more.