We teamed up with Compensate to make emission compensation easier

18.6.2019WorkReading time 2 min

Compensate Foundation fights climate change with the aim to reduce carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. To accomplish its mission, Compensate works with a number of strategic partners. We, as Compensate Foundation’s technical supplier, have implemented Compensate.com and its emission compensation functionalities.

The technical entity, built by us, enables you to calculate your own carbon footprint and purchase emission compensation based on your results. With a monthly payment, you can compensate for both your past and future emissions. The foundation will fully and transparently use the funds accrued from the compensation fees for certified carbon sequestration projects.

The technical architecture of Compensate.com is designed to serve the foundation's goals. The service is built on technologies based on modern cloud architecture. Cloud-based Contentful is used as the main content management system, and Google Cloud services are used in the server-side implementation. Together, they enable global scalability and the long-term development of the service. The service interface is built as a Single-Page Application using the Angular software framework, which makes the service fast and comfortable to use.

We at Frantic have a long experience in designing and developing digital services and payment functionalities. We have implemented, among other things, the Sitra lifestyle test and the donation mechanisms of several charities.

“We had a tight and demanding release schedule, so we wanted a technical partner with proven and extensive technical expertise and resources to build a scalable service. Frantic's operating model and team convinced us,” tells Compensate’s founder Antero Vartia.

The project has gained tremendous interest, and at the moment Compensate has purchased emission reduction credits of € 85 880, which compensated for 21 470 tonnes of carbon dioxide. That amount has ensured the planting of an estimated 322 000 trees and the protection of a forest area as big as 120 soccer fields.

“Combating climate change is an important topic for us, so we are very proud of our partnership with Compensate. As a company, we are committed to climate work, and as a first step, we will compensate for emissions from business travel and work at remote offices, and in the future, all Frantic's annual emissions,” tells Frantic’s CEO, Sami Häkkinen.

The foundation’s compensation functionality will be directly integrated into the partner companies' services in the future. For the time being, you can make emission compensation payments through the Compensate web service: www.compensate.com.