A tablet view from the new Frantic.com

The shoemaker’s child gets new kicks

Frantic, an expert company specialized in digital products, turned 20 in January and celebrated the milestone with a new look.

What began with four young men and an Amiga computer in the bedroom of a row house in Espoo back in 1997, is now an over 80-person strong company designing and developing digital products in Ruoholahti, Helsinki.

“It’s been a long road to 2017,” laughs Sami Häkkinen, one of Frantic’s founders. “Not only a significant year for us, this also marks the 20th anniversary of the whole industry in Finland. We’re proud to have been the pioneers for two decades, but to continue trail blazing we must dare to talk ourselves well into the future.”

The renewal was sparked by a strategic change. Over the past few years Frantic has grown and developed in many aspects, and alongside building digital services the company has shifted towards developing business strategy.

“It’s vital for us to design and develop digital products that bring value both to our clients and their end customers,” says Business Unit Director Eija Gonzalez. “With the advance of digitalization, our clients have clearly internalized that strategic change does not take place one project at a time, but by developing digital products over the long term.”

The new Frantic.com is more colorful and multi-faceted than its minimalist predecessor, and at its core is the employees’ vast expertise in digital strategy, design and application development. A full Finnish language version has also been added to complement the English original.

You can check out Frantic’s new look at www.frantic.com. To take a journey into Frantic’s history and the evolution of the digital industry over the past 20 years, visit www.frantic.com/f20/.

Frantic’s clients include Finnair, Sitra, HSL, Pihlajalinna, SOK, Isku, Värisilmä, WWF, Amnesty, Bonnier, R-Kioski and KELA.

Further information:

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Frantic is a 20 year-old strategy, design and application development company focused on solving critical business challenges with human-centered digital products for some of Finland’s leading companies and organizations. Read more at www.frantic.com.