Sami Häkkinen – Grand ideas since 1974

19.5.2016FranticReading time 1 min

Once upon a time (last Thursday) the crème de la crème of digital professionals gathered in Kattilahalli to reward the best digital services of the year at the Grand One 2016 gala.

Frantic was nominated in one of the 17 categories, but the absolute highlight of the evening was when Sami Häkkinen, one of Frantic’s founders, received a lifetime achievement award for his contribution within the industry.

In the past two decades, Sami has seen it all: the development of the Internet and digital industry as well as Frantic's growth from a garage-based demoscene-enthusiastic small business to an appreciated agency. During his career, he’s been involved in creating hundreds of digital services to be enjoyed by millions of people. In the award presentation speech Pasi Ilola, another co-founder of Frantic, praised Sami especially for his amazing skills to perceive and solve creative problems and called him “one of the toughest professionals in the digital business”.

And what’s best, there will be more. Sami’s chameleon-like ability to transform and change, develop new skills, and learn will continue to be valuable also in the future. The accelerating digitalization provides an ideal playground and an exciting future for curious and enthusiastic minds like Sami, so stay tuned for what’s to come in the next 20 years!

Sami - he's the OG, and we could not be more proud!