Raw, real, and relaxed – Introducing our new remote office concept

8.11.2017FranticReading time 2 min

Remote work is now more doable than ever due to the rapid evolution of technology. That’s why we decided to encourage our employees to work from wherever they want.

Rattling the status quo

Work isn’t what it used to be. The nature of work has changed rapidly over the recent years, but also the ways we work are in constant flux. Companies should be part of the change by innovating, experimenting and enabling new ways of working, as shaping the norms of the future does not happen by itself. It begins with someone questioning the existing norms. And we’re happy to oblige.

We are not newbies at working remotely. It’s an essential part of our company culture, as working from homes, cafés and cottages (or hofficing, cofficing and möfficing, as we like to call it) is our second nature. And as we are already accustomed to working from the comfort of our couches at home, working from abroad is only a logical consequence.

Freedom and flexibility

The original remote office concept was launched two winters ago when a group of frantimones got tired of the doom and gloom of the Finnish winters. One thing lead to another, and before you knew it, we had a piloting remote office pop-up in Thailand. Next winter, we kicked the concept up a notch, extended the stay with a couple of months and flew in frantimones with their families in tow.

The two previous remote offices were great learning experiences, but the setting they provided was not optimal for all us. To allow more freedom and flexibility, we’ve polished the concept a little bit to better cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our people.

The new remote office concept will allow us to work:

  • from wherever we want (but preferably a +-2 hour time difference)

  • whenever we want, as long as the remote period is max. 4 weeks

  • with whomever (including colleagues, clients, family members, friends, you name it)

And on top of it all, every frantimone has a yearly budget for working remotely.

We’re going to tackle the theme of remote work from different perspectives to poke holes in our own concept, and to see how it all affects our people and the work we do. As with anything new, it’s not going to be all peachy and perfect, but in the name of transparency, we’re going to share our learnings with you!

Follow our journey by checking our remote office page now and again, and following our remote officers on Instagram (@FranticRemoteOffice).

We hope you enjoy the ride and learn something with us as we go!