Perspectives to leading agile teams

Liisa Benmergui, Piia Jalonen & Jenny Salmimäki30.11.2020DesignReading time 3 min

As the stormy weather roared outside in the November morning darkness, over 100 attendees clicked their way to join our online event on agile team leadership.

We had the pleasure of hosting our last event of the year in collaboration with Women in Tech. We wanted to dive deeper into the specifics of what it means to lead agile teams in this day and age – and what would be a better way to do it than ask three of our team leads to share their experiences! 

Our lovely host for the event, Service Design Lead Liisa Benmergui is surely already a familiar face for those who have attended our previous webinars. Tytti Pöysti, a Team Lead & Scrum Master, and Hannu Räisänen, a Tech Lead & Scrum Master joined as her fellow panelists. 

Despite the darkness looming outside, there was a real sense of community and warmth among our participants. As the event started with brief introductions in the chat section, we knew that this would be a great event - not purely because of our content, but because of the interaction with our expert audience that was to follow.

Our panelists tackled a wide variety of topics, with the discussion touching upon  

We encourage you to watch the event recording, and to pique your interest and set the stage, we gathered a few moments to share with you:

“An agile leader definitely needs some very chameleon-like super skills that help in adapting and reflecting back the team onto themselves. Combine that with a sixth sense for problem identification, then I think that you are good to go as an agile leader.”

“Open and honest communication where everybody gets heard are the keys to building psychological safety; and retrospectives are the perfect place to start building this.”

“When we’re talking about tech leads, also controlling the technical debt comes into the picture. Keeping the PO and the team in the know about the amount of it, and making sure that all stakeholders know what certain solutions mean in terms of taking technical debt.”

“A lead can cross into discussions with other teams. Instead of silos of leads talking with each other, we should bring the discussion to the team. This creates less of a top-down approach can help everyone understand what exactly it is that each team member is contributing and for what purpose.”

“We don’t make mistakes, we learn.”

We loved working with Women in Tech Finland and putting on this event and opening up discussion about agile leadership.

Check out the recording and feel free to send us any questions or comments via Linkedin.

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