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Our 2018 in a nutshell

Last year was eventful in more than one way. Here are some tidbits of our very Frantic 2018.

  • In 2018, we charted our employees’ monthly work vibes and the annual atmosphere average was 3.6/5. Major development targets were time and stress management as well as preserving our work culture in the midst of growth. The overall ambiance, opportunities for developing one's expertise, and Friday's office lunches got a thumbs-up.

  • Our sales grew by 13% last year and surpassed the €7 million milestone for the first time in company history.
  • We wanted, and continue to want, to highlight the importance of diversity in business. In 2018, 47% of all frantimones – 21% of our developers, 70% of our designers, and 63% of our management team – were women. Our team consisted of 10 different nationalities.
  • In 2018, a total of 34 new Frantimones joined our team.
  • The number of our office dogs grew to eight furry friends, with a few additional visiting furballs.

  • With the organizational change in the summer, a new business unit was born: our consulting business. We provide our clients with consultants for strategy, design, development and project management. Maija is happy to tell you more about our consulting business if this sparked your interest.
  • We’re still strong advocates for bringing more women into this industry. We’ve taken part in Mimmit koodaa by organizing a coding course, been actively involved in Women in Tech, and highlighted the career stories of a few female Frantimones.
  • Our cooperation with clients continued successfully with multiple new launches: for example the redesigned Finnair web service and the Modeo web store, to name a few.

  • We surpassed the magical 100-Frantimone threshold last fall, and currently, there’s a total of 110 Frantimones working at our Helsinki and Tampere offices.
  • Our employees took part in Remote Office a total of 19 times in 11 different countries.
  • In the media, we shared our views on multiple different topics, including family-friendly company culture as well as voice-controlled UIs.

  • Our annual company trip – which we like to call Ftour – took us to sunny Budapest in April.
  • We still have the delicious coffee roasted by Punavuori-based Kaffa Roastery running through our veins. We consumed around 120 kilos of coffee beans in 2018.

2019 is looking to become no less exciting. We solemnly swear to continue to highlight important topics related to digital business, customer experience, change, human-centered design, modern development, future ways of working, humane organizational culture and constant development.

If you are interested in what we do – whether you need consulting services or a new job – you can easily get hold of us by clicking your way to our Contacts page, or simply finding us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. You’re also welcome to talk to us face to face: the coffee and company are guaranteed to be exquisite, even if we say so ourselves.