From slush to sun: Remote office in Thailand

Sonja Jaakkola4.12.2015FranticReading time 1 min

It's almost that time of the year in Finland when it is so dark and cold that you only see people outside hurrying from a heated space to another. I realize some people absolutely adore our gloomy winter, but personally the cold weather has always made me resent Finland. This winter, however, things will be different.

It was the end of this summer, when a few colleagues and I were having lunch in the park, talking about how the summer had been a big disappointment weather-wise. We were not happy to wait another nine months for the next warm and sunny day to appear - I mean, you can grow a human being in that time!

So there we were, sitting and complaining when I threw an idea out there: what if we didn't have to wait? What if instead of complaining we could find a better solution? My fellow sun-loving colleagues didn't need any convincing, and ideas started flying around. Soon we had a plan: during winter we would set up a remote office some place warm and sunny.

Now, only a few months later, our plan is in motion and I can excitedly announce that Frantic is setting up a temporary remote office in Phuket, Thailand for January 2016! The plane tickets have been bought, a villa with a high-speed internet connection (and a pool!) has been booked, and right now we, a team of six adventurous Frantimones, are getting ready to pack our laptops, screens, bikinis and speedos, and relocate to the shade of palm trees.

It has required quite a bit of planning to figure out the logistics. We will share more details about our adventure as it unfolds, so stay tuned. Until then, laa gòn ná!