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Frantic to become one of the first Heroku Enterprise service providers in Finland

The Enterprise co-operation allows for unlimited scalability of Frantic’s clients’ web applications.

Having worked with Heroku for three years, Frantic’s new position as a Heroku Enterprise service provider improves the company’s service offering and strengthens the availability of Heroku as a platform for the more demanding web applications of medium and large client companies. Heroku is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) solution used for web and online applications. Heroku is based on Amazon’s cloud and provides virtually unlimited scalability.  

The majority of Frantic’s client services, with dozens of production services, are already based in Heroku. Compared to earlier solutions, Heroku has a higher reliability level and corresponds with even the tightest of data security requirements without heavy dedicated environments.

Heroku is a part of SalesForce, known for its CRM solutions, and with the new Enterprise cooperation Frantic can offer its clients Heroku Connect, which enables the efficient integration of SalesForce based client information to web applications.

“As a Heroku Enterprise service provider, we can carry out projects for larger clients with web applications that have unlimited scalability, are extremely reliable and suitable for demanding needs,” says Frantic’s CTO Panu Ervamaa. “While Frantic can focus on a value-adding digital product for the client, Heroku takes care of the platform’s data security, scalability and backups automatically. Heroku is faster than the traditional manual server room solutions or self-configuring cloud-based solutions.”

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Panu Ervamaa, CTO
+358 50 524 5990