Frantic rechosen as a Hansel framework agreement vendor

23.9.2021NewsReading time 1 min

Frantic has been chosen as an IT consulting vendor for the second time for Hansel, the central procurement unit of the Finnish Government.

We have been framework agreement partners with the Finnish Government since 2018, and as the new agreement was confirmed we’ll remain as one of the vendors until 2025.

The framework agreement means that the organizations within the Government can procure our services directly from Hansel’s Dynamic Purchasing System. We can be found from the IT consulting (IT-konsultointi) 2021-2025 category and the small-scale procurement (pienhankinnat) category.

Especially for the Government, we offer the design of self-serve online services and design coaching in a practical way that supports the day-to-day service development work.

Our experience in Government partnerships is extensive. Our clientele includes Kela, Sitra, The Finnish Centre for Pensions (ETK), and Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland (AVI). Our previous clients include e.g. HSL and Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV). You’ll find more reference cases from our Work-page.

You’ll also find us from the City of Helsinki’s software development expert and maintenance services DPS, and HUS’s ICT expert services DPS.

For more information, contact our consultancy unit director Maija Typpi-Häkkinen (+358 50 566 2819 /

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