Frantic migrates all client sites to use HTTPS

15.9.2017FranticReading time 2 min

Frantic migrates all client sites to use HTTPS at no extra cost.

Frantic migrates all client sites to use HTTPS for free.

Continuing with the proven track record of providing the best scalability and security for its clients, Frantic now migrates all client sites to use HTTPS at no extra cost.

HTTPS keeps the contents of all pages, URLs, headers, cookies, and authentication secure by adding a verified end-to-end encryption to all data transfers. For high volume sites Frantic also offers global Content Delivery Network (CDN) solutions that also enable HTTP/2 and IPv6 connectivity, with Amazon Web Services and Akamai.

Demand for HTTPS is accelerating and browsers will soon start notifying users that the pages they are viewing are not secure__, if the site doesn’t use HTTPS. Google Chrome is driving this trend and other browsers are expected to follow. Google Transparency Report lists top sites running modern HTTPS by default and our clients deserve the same.

CTO Panu Ervamaa:

Since we already offer global scalability and continuous deployments with Heroku Enterprise, it is easy for us to roll out the benefits of HTTPS to all our clients. We believe all online services should use HTTPS. With the high usage of unencrypted open WiFi hotspots and the global share of sites using HTTPS on the rise, now is the time to migrate all sites. This will become the default way of accessing any web-services in the future, and we want to support this by making the migration easy and free for all our clients.

Benefits of HTTPS in a nutshell:

  • Keeps the content of all pages confidential

  • Guarantees content integrity so that nobody can tamper with the content

  • Provides better privacy for customers

  • Prevents attackers from impersonating client sites

  • Can improve search rankings

  • Allows migration to HTTP/2

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