Blog: Frantic is now a Contentful partner

Frantic is now a Contentful partner

Our partnership is a guarantee of certified Contentful know-how and a statement for modern content infrastructure.

Content creation processes have traditionally been highly dependent on the content management system. The multi-channel, rapidly evolving world of ours calls for new models of content management to enable organizations to utilize content more cost-efficiently.

Contentful is a cloud-based content infrastructure that allows creating, managing and distributing content to any platform. Contentful responds to modern-day challenges by giving digital teams a more agile way to publish, iterate and experiment. Contentful functions independently of channels and enables a more consistent and clear way to distribute content to different channels, whether it’s an online shop, a mobile app, chatbot or even an audio guide.

“At Frantic, we have invested in Contentful know-how because cloud-native, API-first technologies come with undeniable benefits in our multi-channel service ecosystem. Contentful is a perfect match for supporting the digital transformation of companies as part of modern service architecture because it brings siloed content streams together and enables creating a consistent customer experience – even globally,” says our Chief Technology Officer Panu Ervamaa. “Even when a product or service must be published yesterday rather than today, Contentful enables us to react and iterate very quickly.”

“Content infrastructure has emerged as the software of choice for enterprises looking to manage digital content in a scalable way. It builds on the benefits of headless CMS, enabling organizations to quickly build and deliver content to any digital experience with ease,” says Sascha Konietzke, CEO and co-founder of Contentful. “As the pioneer in content infrastructure, we’re excited that Frantic selected Contentful to help empower the world’s largest brands with their digital transformations.”

Our Business Development Director Eija Gonzalez sees the benefits of the partnership from a client perspective: “To our clients, our partnership with Contentful is a guarantee of certified, up-to-date knowledge and skills. Contentful is a fantastic addition to our partner ecosystem and fits our current operating model. It felt natural to make our long-standing co-operation with Contentful official.”

The partnership guarantees us access to the latest information and resources on Contentful. We are able to make the most of the features on the platform, creating efficiency and results.

If you’re interested in managing content in a modern, scalable way – Eija Gonzalez is happy to tell you more: | +358 40 570 7909.