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F-tour18: Spring break in Budapest

Every other Thursday we do something fun together: play board games, attend a handstand class or try to get out of escape rooms before the time’s up. But next Thursday will be different - and extremely fun - as we’re flying to Budapest. We won’t even have to worry about time because we’ll have until Sunday!

We’ve always had it clear. We spend so much time with our colleagues on a daily basis that it’s important to put effort into team building and having fun together in our free time as well. Of course, there are a million things you could do. For the past couple of years, we have skipped summer parties and gone on a weekend trip somewhere in Europe instead. Why?

Taking our people away from the cozy corners of our office (and hoffices) allows us to explore and adventure. It’s easier to get away from routines and everyday life when you’re physically somewhere else. A company trip abroad or even to the nearest city offers a welcome distraction as there is so much to do and see in the destination.

We’ve grown to call our getaways “F-tours” for reasons nobody can remember. One of the absolute highlights of our F-tours has always been the Amazing race, where we’re divided into groups, given a map and a list of tasks to complete during the day. It’s almost like a game when you head out to find places and get to use your imagination in the more creative assignments. Not only is it a great way to explore the city, it’s also simply the best way to get to know your colleagues, especially the ones you didn’t know so well before the trip. Sharing experiences together makes people bond and connect.

We often get asked if we do some workshops or something else work-related during our trip, but to tell you the truth, we’re advised to leave our laptops in Finland. There’s no professional or development agenda for the journey, it’s purely based on getting to know each other, having fun and creating memories together. We believe it’s more effective than a pre-programmed team afternoon with flavorless exercises. After building human pyramids in front of the biggest castle and giggling at inside jokes you just can’t help but smile every time you pass your re-found Frantimone friends.

And we know it from the past, this adventure will be one of a kind!

We're happy to invite you to join the ride by clicking your way to our F-tour page, where we share some tidbits of our current, but also previous trips. If you feel extra nosy, you can also stalk us by following the hashtag #Ftour18 on Instagram.

PS. Talking about inside jokes, we also have our party parrot leading the way – you might run into him along the trip.

Our F-tour18 mascot - Budapest party parrot