Coding is an everyman's right

7.3.2017FranticReading time 2 min

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re hosting a crash course into coding for women to encourage them to find their inner coders.

Just as Frantic has reached the ripe age of 20, our popular Code Camp for Girls has also taken a step towards maturity, transforming into Code Camp for Ladies. In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re hosting a crash course into coding for women from all walks of life to encourage more women to find their inner coders. Is something like this really necessary, you may ask. Our answer is yes – and we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

Within one week of publishing our announcement for the second coming of our code camps, our Facebook event has garnered interest from over 1,100 women, with nearly 500 applications received for a camp that fits a maximum of 25 participants. This is not just to toot our own horn, but the demand truly surprised us, and we’re currently doing our best to offer additional dates so that more of those interested could attend.

An indisputable fact is that the overwhelming majority of coders out there are guys. Just a quick overview of our own office will prove it: out of the about 50 people working in tech, only 5 are not male – and Frantic is actually doing better than average in terms of equality in comparison to the industry as a whole. A 2015 study shows that over 92% of developers are male. There clearly is a lot of work to do in this field with regards to gender equality, and we’re definitely ready to pitch in.

It should come as no surprise that we truly appreciate coders. We at Frantic firmly believe that coding should be seen as an everyman’s right. Understanding even just the basics of coding can help you understand the constant digitalization of the world around us. We can’t promise to transform you into a coding guru in just three hours, but with the help of our very own mentors, Sonja Jaakkola and Sanna Nygård, we can hopefully inspire you to start learning.

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