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CherryonTop – taking your startup to new heights

CherryonTop Accelerator is an accelerator program and investor for early stage startups specialized in digital products, services and platforms. The first program has just ended, and now it’s a great time to share what it was all about.

CherryonTop who?

CherryonTop Accelerator was founded in fall 2016 by Tiina Zilliacus and Frantic’s Sami Häkkinen, Panu Ervamaa and Toni Mielonen, who combined have over 80 years of experience in the digital field. 12 early stage startups were selected for the pilot program, which was kicked off in January 2017.

CherryonTop wants to approach things a bit differently. Its mission is based on co-thinking, co-doing, and creating digital products and services that impact our daily lives. While the CherryonTop team expects the startups it works with to have a passion for creating something valuable for others, it also wants to bring real value to the startups through its own digital experience.

The 10-week program offers the startups mentoring, guidance and the networks needed to get their business up and running. After the program, CherryonTop is prepared to invest in a couple of the startups, either through capital or a resource pack.

Demo Day – getting to know the teams

It’s April 5th at the Helsinki Music Centre, and the excitement is tangible. The startups have gathered together to pitch their services to the CherryonTop mentors before proceeding to the investment phase, as well as a group of other potential investors and business angels.

The Demo Day isn’t only about the presentations, though – the CherryonTop mentors also want to hear about each startup’s journey, and the challenges and successes along the way. It’s important for early stage investors to get to know the entrepreneurial team as well as they can, as products may evolve and change, but the people behind the product stay the same.

The startups’ services span a whole host of different industries and areas of life, from healthcare, life coaching and sports to pet sitting, travel, job seeking and more (you’ll find an introduction of all the startups below). Throughout the event the teams received valuable feedback from their mentors and the other investors, guiding them on the right track and preparing them for the next crucial phase, raising seed funding.

What’s next?

The next CherryonTop program for digital-first early stage startups is planned for fall 2017 – if you want to know more or work with CherryonTop, go to

Get to know the startups:

Blue Berry Share

A digital platform for bringing together Nordic stock exchange listed companies and global investors, removing unnecessary middlemen and saving time and money for both parties.


A digital marketplace for holistic wellbeing services. The user can easily find and compare different healthcare services, and professionals get a marketing and sales platform as well as a supportive community of fellow practitioners.


Personal coaching for a better life and career. We match you with the right coach, who can help you set your goals and achieve your dreams and full potential.


A sharing economy-based marketplace, where you can find and share authentic experiences. The experience providers are regular people who want to share their passion with others, for example their favorite hobby.

Duara Travels

Duara Travels offers an alternative, eye-opening travel experience. You can stay with a family in a rural village, take part in their everyday life and see the world from a new angle – all the while empowering the local community.

Fox in the Box

Your sports team’s personal AI assistant coach. Measure, track and analyze your development, both on the individual and team levels, and compare results to regional and global averages.

Host My Pet

Find a qualified sitter for your pet online. You can search for trusted pet sitters near you, communicate with them before making the deal, and book and pay right through the service.


MyMed is a new platform which helps you find the right doctor for your needs, fast and hassle-free. MyMed is currently also developing a new digital database directed solely at doctors.


NayaDaya is developing a universal digital language and platform for human emotions, through which people can express, share and map emotions related to content and phenomena in online and social media.


Read quality content from your favourite sources. For a monthly subscription you can access content which is usually hidden behind a paywall, and publishers can reach completely new audiences for their content.


Skadi sees conversations as an effective sales tool. Konala, a chatbot in the making, can for example discuss and give tips on different topics, and guide the user to purchase services.


WorkPilots combat youth unemployment by disrupting outdated practices and providing young people with gig jobs, through which many have found permanent positions.