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Appointment news: Maija Typpi-Häkkinen appointed the Business Unit Director of our new consultancy business

In addition to this, Katja Vilkamo has been appointed the Business Unit Director of our project business and Eija Gonzalez the Director of our sales and business development unit.

Katja Vilkamo and Maija Typpi-Häkkinen have been appointed the leads of our new project business and consultancy units, respectively. Eija Gonzalez has been appointed the lead of our sales and business development unit. Due to these changes, the percentage of women in our management team increased to 63 percent.

“We see great opportunities for growth in our new business units as well as in building new business areas. With our new units, we’ll be able to answer growing client needs in an even more scalable manner, and we’ll also be able to create even more value for our existing clients”, explains Frantic CEO Sami Häkkinen.

Katja Vilkamo, who has worked at Frantic since 2009, switched to her new position from the position of Account Director. As the Director of the project business unit, she will be in charge of increasing sales, acting as the supervisor of three different project teams, as well as being in charge of recruitment processes. After this appointment, Katja becomes a part of Frantic’s management team.

Maija Typpi-Häkkinen is in charge of developing and managing Frantic’s consultancy business unit and increasing sales in the new unit. As the supervisor of all consultants at Frantic, Maija is in charge of recruiting experts, constant development, and forming suitable teams to work in different development projects for different clients. Maija has worked at Frantic in different positions for a total of 14 years and been a part of the management team since 2014.

As the new lead of Frantic’s sales and development unit, Eija Gonzalez is in charge of sales, partnerships and developing the Frantic offering. Eija has worked at Frantic in multiple positions and has been a part of the management team since 2013.

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