Announcement: Geniem acquires Frantic

1.7.2022NewsReading time 4 min

As a result of the acquisition, Frantic's business will be transferred to Geniem on the 1st of July, 2022.

Tampere-based Geniem and Helsinki-based Frantic announced today a corporate acquisition that will transfer Frantic's business to Geniem on the 1st of July, 2022. From now on, Geniem’s customers will be served by a total of almost 100 experts from all over Finland and from Geniem's​ offices in Tampere, Vaasa, and Helsinki. Geniem aims to be an organization of more than 300 top professionals in 2026. 

“The synergy benefits behind the acquisition were clear: we have a very similar set of values, culture, offering, and technologies. Yet we are different enough to create a strong position and an even stronger and more appealing service entity in the ever-growing market of digital services”, Geniem’s CEO and partner Ville Särmälä says. “Frantic strengthens our market position, especially in terms of design and eCommerce, where we are now able to offer our clients an even more diverse service and more extensive expertise. With the acquisition, we will also be able to offer even more challenging and interesting projects for our employees.

The acquisition and growth plans are made possible by Geniem's majority shareholder Saari Partners, a private equity company. The acquisition, carried out as an asset deal, will not cause any changes in client relationships and the cooperation with clients will continue on the same agreed terms. Frantic's CEO Sami Häkkinen will become Geniem's ​​sales director, and Frantic's CTO and founder Panu Ervamaa will continue in a CTO role at Geniem.

“This combination, the support by Saari Partners, and our ambitious strategy enable us to move towards a new market position, where we will challenge the big players in the technology field and grow into a significant player on a Finnish scale”, Geniem’s strategy & development director and partner Janne Tuominiemi comments.

“It’s awesome to build a joint future with Geniem. Through the merger and with the support of Saari Partners we can together bring a cutting edge technology company to the market, and grow our service offering”, Frantic’s CEO Sami Häkkinen adds.

Additional information and interview requests: Ville Särmälä, CEO, Geniem | | 0400 601 846


Founded in 2001, Geniem Oy is a software company based in Tampere that offers companies and organizations digital solutions that help them stand out from the competition, engage customers and continuously deliver better results. Geniem designs and implements the right steps to develop the digital customer experience by offering Finland's strongest WordPress quality, versatile React expertise, customized software development, and user-centric service design - always with a big heart.


Frantic Oy is a Helsinki-based digital consultancy founded in 1997. Frantic develops its clients’ digital business through insight-driven design, technology and agile leadership. Solving complex business challenges with a hands-on and long-term approach is Frantic’s strength, whether it’s customer experience or business design, eCommerce or application development, or solutions for digital communications.

Saari Partners

Saari Partners, established in 2018, is a Finnish fund manager for the Saari I private equity fund. Saari I has capital commitments of €42 M. The fund invests in Finnish small and mid-sized service companies with entrepreneurial drive and the potential to achieve competitive advantage through the means of digitalization, branding and consolidation. The Saari Partners team has outstanding hands-on operational experience in marketing, branding, digitalization, finance, and M&A.