2019 in a nutshell

Sami Häkkinen19.12.2019FranticReading time 3 min

The last year of this decade summed up the 2010’s perfectly: change is permanent and brings with it both opportunities and challenges. Here are some of the highlights of our year.

Growth in the consultant unit

The consultant unit we founded last year grew to encompass a group of over 30 professionals working in design, development and project management with different clients.

Work samples

We’ve been busy this year working on developing our clients’ digital businesses in a wide variety of fields. One significant milestone was reached when the new Finnair.com was launched in over 30 different countries. The launch of Compensate.com in April was one of the many highlights of this busy year.

Office dog status update

For our office dogs, 2019 was a year of changes: the number of office dogs went down from eight to six. The newbie at the office is Sylvi, a long-haired dachshund.

Change management

We spent 2019 developing our internal operating models: improving the agile methods of the entire company as well as building a culture of experimentation and self-organization. We also decided that from the beginning of 2020 we would be organized into project and consultant business operations. With this structure, we can answer our clients’ different needs even more flexibly than before.

More noise!

Sometimes we notice we’re being hopelessly Finnish and forget to toot our own horn. This year’s winners in this category are our user research know-how, our cloud skills and change facilitation services. We promise to make more noise about these in 2020!

Digital belongs to everyone!

Accessibility is and will continue to be a big theme for us, and we love talking about it. One of the highlights of 2019 was designing and developing the accessibility guideline website saavutettavuusvaatimukset.fi for the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland, because our designers and software developers have been working on their accessibility skills for years.

Diversity update

In 2018, we revealed that of our around 100 employees 47% are women and 53% men. We are clearly happy with the results, since the ratio stayed exactly the same for 2019. In the July 2019 diversity report published by Inklusiiv, our gender diversity was the most balanced of the tech companies analyzed.

More local remote offices

In 2019, we flew less than before and compensated our carbon footprint by 28 tonnes of co2. Sustainability was a key theme in our 2019 development initiatives, and our remote office visits were half of what they were in 2018 (10 remote offices in 2019). We continue to be less dependent on our physical workstations: the technologies we use and our developing ways of working help us get closer to more organic ways of cooperation even when working remotely.

In cooperation

In 2019 we worked with several networks (e.g. Women in Tech and Mothers in Business) and took part in various events (e.g. Joint Futures, Angular Finland, Data-Driven Design Day) both as speakers and as exhibitors. In the fall of 2019, we officially published our cooperation with Contentful and will keep you posted on that in the start of 2020. Our experts lectured at several schools and we held events for various student organizations, where we discussed about future ways of working and best practices for the experts of tomorrow.

Familiar names, fresh roles

Eija, Emma, Katja and Maija were appointed new roles during 2019. Their expertise is essential when we look towards 2020.