Accessibility audit

Accessibility means the ease of use of digital services and products. In addition to improving equality between different groups of people, investing in accessibility also brings a number of other benefits. We will help you find out the status of the accessibility of your digital service, whether you are only taking your first steps or already further within the world of accessibility.

Why put efforts into improving accessibility?

You'll serve everyone equally well

Digital services belong equally to everyone - regardless of the situation and the user. By investing in accessibility, you are investing in equality and good usability - for everyone.

You'll extend the lifespan of your service

Accessible services will ensure that the services are sustainable and up-to-date also tomorrow. Accessibility requirements are evolving and expanding every year. Tackling the requirements right now, you'll be a pioneer and there is no need to redesign the service in a couple of years.

You'll improve your search engine ranking

The basic principles of accessibility follow practices that also search engines love; clear title structures, converting visual content to text, and good usability. By investing in accessibility, you can improve your ranking in search engine results.

As a first step in improving the accessibility of your service, you can audit the current state of accessibility of your online service.

What does our accessibility audit include?

The audit examines how well the website complies with levels A and AA of the WCAG 2.1 guidelines. The WCAG, or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, is a global accessibility standard that seeks to harmonize the accessibility of online content. Online services that meet the A and AA criteria are accessible to a wide range of users - and public digital services must also be at this level.

Our basic accessibility audit includes:

  • Testing the technical accessibility of the site with a screen reader

  • Crawling the site with automated testing tools

  • Manual testing in different operating situations, e.g. with the keyboard

  • Report derived from the results

In addition, you can complete the package by ordering from us:

  • Accessibility review by experts by experience

  • Basic-level examination of content and cognitive accessibility

  • Technical AAA level testing

  • Preparation of an accessibility report

What will you get as a result of an accessibility audit?

As a result of the audit, a report is generated, which shows the current status of the accessibility of your online service and a prioritized list of areas of development. The report serves as a roadmap for accessibility development work that you can share with your development partner. We may also, if you wish, continue to develop your service based on the report.

How much does an accessibility audit cost?

The price of the basic accessibility audit depends on the scope of the service, starting from approx. 5 working days (4125€ + VAT). Contact us to find out the exact price for auditing your service!

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We've done accessibility work for the following clients

Why choose Frantic?

Our design principle includes taking different user groups into account and providing everyone equal opportunities to use our clients' digital services. Our IAAP WAS-certified experts ensure that even the latest accessibility requirements are taken into account in the development of the service.

We have solid experience in the design and implementation of accessible online services for organizations in various fields, from public authorities and transportation to insurance and banking.

  • Frantic's experts were responsible for the renewal of Finnair's global online service and sales channel to comply with the AA level of the WCAG 2.0 standard.

  • Based on our accessibility expertise, we were selected to design and implement the Regional State Administrative Agency's service. The service includes e.g. instructions for accessible design and the preparation of the accessibility report required by law.

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