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Sitra Lifestyle test: Change starts with all of us

Latest12.5.2021WorkReading time 5 min

Tackling climate change requires system-level transformation and corporate responsibility. In addition, it requires actions from all of us consumers. In Finland, our client Sitra’s Lifestyle test has been the most significant tool driving change within the society. Published in December 2017, the test quickly became a viral phenomenon after its launch, and since then people have tested their lifestyles over a million times.

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For equal human rights.


Pride flag credits: By Paul2520 - paul2520 created the SVG based on the original Daniel Quasar version, which was released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License [1]., CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=92282672


Together with TAPIO Group, we embarked on a journey to unify their three webshops into one eCommerce service that’s easy to run, while offering a customized experience for the end-customer.

🛒 Tapio’s new webshop has two tailored views for each of Tapio’s target groups, but they share the same shopping cart, which allows the customer to purchase products from both of the shops at one go.

🌱 The selection spans both physical and digital products, from forest tree seeds and maps to licenses and permits.

📂 While the customer may see two separate webshops, the product information is actually handled and stored in Tapio’s ERP, bringing efficiency and ease for the upkeep.

🔗 The new eCommerce solution is executed with WooCommerce, with integrations to several systems like payment and bookkeeping, multiple delivery partners, and product creators – some products are even created on-demand based on the order.

⏱ The new setup with its automations saves the customer service personnel’s valuable time.

Check the webshops out:
🌲 https://www.metsakauppa.fi


Together with the Finnish section of Amnesty International, we renewed Amnesty.fi into a modern and adaptable web service entity.

🔧 The service went under a comprehensive user experience overhaul, and now the content is structured and petition sections crafted to serve the user better.

🌏 The renewal is an example of how a local section can positively impact the service development of the umbrella organization, as the local improvements made by our experts can now be taken into use on a global scale as well.

🔎 Go check out the new
www.amnesty.fi 🔍

Amnesty International - Suomen osasto


Responding to climate change requires actions, big and small. Read on our blog how our client @sitrafund ’s Lifestyle test aims to positively impact the consumer behavior of the Finns – and perhaps even the whole world. Link in bio! 💪🌏👍

Photos: Sitra & Frantic

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Etsimme tiimiimme osaajaa, jolta luonnistuu asiakassuhteiden kehittäminen, ketterien projektien vetäminen ja tiimin johtaminen. Lue lisää ja hae 6.6. mennessä! bit.ly/3oF4LAa

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