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The dream builder

As we moved Funzi’s education app to the web, our goal was to create a lightweight version to accommodate the needs and devices of the users from developing markets. As Internet.org is an important channel to the new version, the end result is faithful to it’s technical demands, but also to the visual look of the original app.



Fresh site for freshly baked goods

The new and scrumptious Vaasan.fi brings sharing goodness onto a whole new level. Grouping all products and recipes into themes makes it easy to find inspiration with new flavors. Campaigns and social features are also made a substantial part of the fresh and visual approach.



Tech news with a twist

This visually distinctive website encourages the reader to delve deeper into the news articles. We designed the layout and built the frontend execution on top of the existing Pattern Lab style guide.


Peacemakers network

Path to peace

This WordPress-powered service provides a perfect platform for this peacemaking organization with seamless user experience and gorgeous visuals designed and implemented by us.



Hard to pronounce, easy to love

Pöyry wanted their website to better reflect their vision, scope, and impact on the world. With the help of Pattern Lab, we designed a visually and structurally appealing experience that enables Pöyry to showcase their expertise.



ICT news up to par

We redesigned Tivi magazine’s online presence. The design process entailed some bigger structural changes, and the visuals were refreshed to match the new Talentum brand. Pattern Lab style guide was created to keep the digital brand in check.



Kicking the kiosk business up a notch

We uncluttered R-kioski’s site and brought it to a new era with improved search functions, maps and a brand new social feed. Updating information to the site is easy through an ERP-integration, while the site itself is built on WordPress.



Flying with the best

Maintaining the global Finnair website and producing marketing newsletters for Finnair customers has been our privilege for already eight years and counting. Even with tight schedules, our dedicated team knows how to handle any big or small requests with years of expertise.


Grand One 2015

As grand a site as the competition

We were chosen to design and execute the site for Grand One 2015, the biggest Finnish competition for digital excellence. With bold simplicity and front-end charms hosted on Heroku, the site is responsively awesome in all its glory.



Efficiency on and offline

The goal of the renewal was to help different customer groups find information quickly and effortlessly with all devices, plus to showcase social content more prominently. The user interface was modernized and the visual look refreshed according to the new brand.



Bible sales brought up to date

We brought Piplia’s Bible and hymnal sales to modern times. By building a brand new online store on WordPress and WooCommerce, we came up with a modern and usable online concept, which is responsive, of course.


Finnish Forest Association

Digital forestry for the win

The Finnish Forest Association had multiple different microsites packed with important information about forests and forestry. We decided to gather it all into one, and delivered them an attracting digital service built on WordPress - letting the engaging content speak for itself.



Book is now #book

We designed and built an innovative digital service that brings together books, people, social and reading. This sophisticated site gracefully runs on WordPress with various integrations from back-office systems to different social platforms.


Eroon tupakasta

Stub out with style

We took Pfizer’s service to a new digital era by renewing it completely. By giving some design love for the content, visuals and user interface, we came up with a modern, responsive service to help people quit smoking.


Talentum mediamyynti

The responsive way of buying media

We redesigned Talentum’s media sales channel by giving it a proper refresh with crisp design and front-end magic. Now the site is coherent, compact and very easy to use - what more could one ask for?



Recycling made simple

We created a state-of-the-art web application for Jätelaitosyhdistys. Everything is responsive, and the unbeatable combo of exact location information on top of a Google Maps solution offers no excuse not to recycle!



Highlighting services and works

We built Sito.fi to showcase and cross-link the company’s different services online. The overall user experience is greatly enhanced through practical features, including a super handy reference bank, event calendar and interactive phone book.


Delta Auto

More than just cars

Finding the perfect car is anything but arduous and difficult with the intuitive searching method for cars on the new Delta.fi! Responsive all the way, the site runs on a customized WordPress installation in Heroku and offers seamless user experience designed with Pattern Lab.



HR meets digital

We used some of our service design tricks on StaffPoint to take their online business up a notch. The result is all natural, SEO-friendly code and content sitting on top of a hybrid Wordpress-Catalyst platform.



Making telecommunications sassy

We took the teleconsulting company’s digital domain by storm. The renewed, modernized service is built on WordPress to keep the content management clear and easy. And it’s all responsive!


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A digital home for modern art

Kiasma.fi answers to all needs of visitors and enthusiasts alike, with a look as sleek as the art inside. This holistic renewal with its WordPress solution also allows for easy content management.



Here’s to the next 125 years

This digital home of Emus and endangered Amur tigers alike is powered by WordPress, resulting in effortless content creation. Designing the user experience in browser allowed for improved efficiency and flexibility.


Kirkon Ulkomaanapu

Helping the human rights

Renewal of five different digital services for Finn Church Aid included tasks ranging from integrating social content to renewal of all donation functionalities and immaterial gifting.



Digital fortress

Suomenlinna, one of Finland’s seven World Heritage sites, got a total digital makeover from us. All the way from the initial concept to a bit of AngularJS magic, Suomenlinna’s new digital home runs on the cloud on a WordPress-Heroku combination.


Hostel Academica

Affordable accommodation in the web

Setting up the service on WordPress, we revamped Hostel Academica’s site and made it both modern and business-worthy. Our great concept design resulted in a fresh, new service with big visuals and focus on the essentials.


WWF Finland

Nature goes responsive

Based on our extensive analytics review, we completely overhauled WWF’s site. It’s now fresh from content up and runs on a robust Catalyst MVC framework. Other highlights include optimized landing pages and a unified donation engine.


Radio Nova

Radio made social

A bold move – combine all content, including social, to a single feed. The move was worth the effort increasing traffic over 50% and mobile use over 310%, which earned us an honouree title in the Webby Awards and a gold prize at W3 awards.



Taking politics online

During the municipal election, we renewed the National Coalition Party website. Tight schedules didn’t stop us from designing and building a beautiful robust WordPress-based solution with a few sweet tailored solutions.